Minnesota Alliance on Crime Give to the MAX 2023!

The Minnesota Alliance on Crime connects systems, service providers, and victims to advance the response for victims of all crime.

MAC is a membership coalition of more than 80 crime victim service organizations in Minnesota, including prosecution-based victim/witness programs, community programs, law enforcement agencies, civil legal organizations, and also individuals committed to supporting crime victims. We support our membership through training, technical assistance, resources, public policy and legislative initiatives, and networking opportunities.


As you know general donations and unrestricted funds have decreased since COVID. In the interest of expanding people who know about the work we do and potential future donors we are asking you, our super supporters, to set up Facebook Fundraisers for MAC to expand our reach on Give to the MAX Day. It is easy to do and Facebook currently does not charge processing fees to registered nonprofits—so ALL of your donations go directly to our work.


Anyone who creates and starts a Facebook Fundraiser for the Minnesota Alliance on Crime from November 1st to December 1st with an overlap on Give to the Max Day, November 17, 2022 will be eligible for prizes. There will be two main prizes: one for the most money raised, and one for the most individuals donating.  Click here to donate: https://www.givemn.org/organization/Mnalliance


  1. Log into Facebook
  2. Go to the Minnesota Alliance on Crime Page: facebook.com/mnallianceoncrime
  3. Click on the fourth tab from the top (under the cover image) that reads “Fundraisers
  4. The page will show other past and current fundraisers, click “Raise money” in blue on right hand side of the page.
  5. A preview of your fundraiser will appear and all of MAC’s information will be auto filled and then you can personalize your monetary goal, how long you want the fundraiser to last, the title, etc. Then you click “Create” at the bottom left of the page.
  6. You’ll see a screen pop up where you can invite your friends to donate to your fundraiser, share your fundraiser in your feed, or donate to the fundraiser yourself. Get started inviting people to support the work of MAC!
  7. Thank you for all that you do for MAC! We couldn’t do this work without you, and we so appreciate your support in assisting our fundraising efforts!


  1. Share your story and connection to MAC in the About section. Despite not being ‘direct service’ everyone involved with MAC has a compelling and important story on the value of our work—that’s why you are here. We have made so much progress and your support and hard work means a lot, and it really does make a difference.
  2. Make sure that your friends know about your Fundraiser by sharing Facebook posts. Feel free to post multiple times. It’s tough to get content seen in the Facebook Newsfeed, and your friends might have missed your post and don’t know about your Fundraiser.
  3. Post progress reports and keep your friends updated on what is happening. For example, “We have already raised $x and know we can make our goal, thanks to everyone that has supported me so far.” It is also helpful if your friends and family share your Fundraiser on their Facebook page. This gets your Fundraiser in front of a whole new community of people that can help!
  4. Countdown to the end of the fundraiser so people know how many days you have left to hit your goal. This is a great way to remind your friends and family what their support means to you. “We are X days away from my goal of raising $x for MAC. Please support me as I work to raise money to fund this important work supporting victims of crime and their advocates.”
  5. As donations are made, post and share a “Thank-you,” and when your fundraiser ends, let your friends know about reaching your goal.