The Minnesota Alliance on Crime connects systems, service providers, and victims to advance the response for all victims of crime.

Core Values:

  1. The Minnesota Alliance on Crime opposes the use of all forms of violence and victimization and affirms the basic human right of every person to live without fear or the threat of victimization throughout the course of one’s life.
  2. We seek a criminal justice system that is fair and accessible to crime victims and where meaningful rights for crime victims are routinely honored.
  3. We stand in solidarity with efforts around the world to end all forms of discrimination, exploitation, victimization, and violence.
  4. We recognize that forms of oppression based on race, gender, class, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status, disability, age, religion, and sexual orientation create a climate of supremacy and ownership that facilitates the use of ongoing violence and victimization.
  5. We believe in the strength of diversity, embrace the differences among ourselves and within our communities, and promote the development of leadership in all communities.
  6. We are dedicated to prevention efforts to confront and change cultural norms and practices that facilitate violence and victimization.
  7. We promote and encourage the leadership of victims/survivors in guiding our advocacy, policy, and training efforts.
  8. We affirm the power of collective and collaborative efforts to end violence and victimization.
  9. We encourage reflection about our work and thoughtful evaluation of our efforts. We are committed to the ongoing development of innovative strategies for our members and allies to better meet the diverse and emerging needs of crime victims.
  10. We commit to creating a work environment for staff and volunteers that respects diversity, fosters professional growth, encourages critical thinking and initiative, and promotes diligent and effective advocacy efforts.