Request for Proposals: Strategic Planning

MAC is seeking a consultant to guide staff and the board of directors through a strategic planning process that incorporates MAC’s priority initiative of working to become an anti-racist organization, in all areas of programming, planning, communication, and outreach.  As a key component of dismantling white supremacy in every aspect of our work, we seek proposal responses from BIPOC leaders for this critical racial justice work. MAC has invested in internal and external work over the past two-years to build a foundation for our next three-year strategic plan.  Consultants will be responsible for the following:

  1. Engage all MAC staff and board members in exercises that helps to immerse them in the currently reality and status of MAC as it relates to being an anti-racist organization; and lead MAC staff and board through a process that roots out primary barriers in our pursuit to be an anti-racist organization.
  2. Walk board and staff through the ongoing potential challenges and possible pushback to fully embrace working towards becoming an anti-racist organization and how that may challenge stakeholders, membership, and individuals.
  3. Facilitate a visioning forward exercise/process that allows all participating individuals to identify their dreams/hopes for MAC over the next three years.
  4. Include planning for leadership transition(s), and succession planning for current staff.
  5. Include planning for the 30-year celebration of MAC in 2023.

More information and the full RFP here.