The Minnesota Alliance on Crime is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with members representing all areas of victim services.

We rely heavily on volunteer support and donations.

How You Can Help the Helpers

Your tax-deductible gift will mean so much as we help the helpers:

  • $25 will provide five new crime victim advocates attending MAC’s Fundamentals in Victim Services Training with electronic resources on working with victims.
  • $50 will allow MAC to send out its e-newsletter to more than 600 professionals in the crime victim service field for one month.
  • $75 will provide mileage reimbursement so that an advocate from rural Minnesota can attend a training sponsored by MAC.
  • $100 will assist MAC in providing a one-hour educational webinar for 100 members and allies on helping families of homicide victims.
  • $250 will help one staff member to travel to Greater Minnesota for a regional networking meeting with members on victims’ rights.
  • $500 will assist two advocates from Greater Minnesota with mileage, lodging, and meal costs to attend MAC’s Capacity Building Training.