Welcome to MITCIRN!

The Minnesota Identity Theft & Cybercrime Information & Resource Network (MITCIRN) brings together partners from community advocacy organizations, victim/witness programs, law enforcement, county prosecutors, public defenders, government agencies, and other organizations/agencies across the state who are dedicated to improved access to supportive services for victims of identity theft and cybercrime. MITCIRN meets quarterly to discuss emerging research, engage in training opportunities, share resources, and advance statewide efforts to combat identity theft and support victims through targeted committee work.

Participating in MITCIRN

If you are passionate about advancing identity theft victims’ rights and access to services, we want you to participate in MITCIRN! Participants will:

  • receive e-mail updates on emerging research and relevant information on identity theft
  • attend trainings (webinars and in-person) to advance knowledge
  • connect with other professionals working to combat identity theft at quarterly meetings
  • contribute to efforts to combat identity theft and support victims by working with the community outreach, public policy, or victim services committees

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Contact Us

Questions about MITCIRN?

Contact [email protected] or calling 612-940-8090 ext. 103.